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This is my first attempt at a professional blog.  By that I mean, my maiden launch of a voyage to all things psychological.  My goal is to  enlighten,  stimulate, provoke, and occasionally upset on subjects related to how we see the world, experience our lives, create our relationships, and live our dreams.

On a daily basis, my work as a psychotherapist exposes me to many views of how people negotiate their lives successfully and more often; not so successfully.  But through these various challenges, traumas, joys, and sorrows, I find that people are remarkably resilient – when they can finally access the one,  true source of all healing and strength – the human soul.

Soul means different things to different people.  To me, Soul, is the very essence of who we are, and this is the Source of all energy.  This energy may also be called The Self, God, The Universe, Divine Wisdom – the name is irrelevant.  But it is the animating force of all being.  And when it is felt – it is understood.  When it is felt – it makes all things right.

There are many theories and practices utilized in psychotherapeutic work.  The goal of all therapies is to find a path to correction; to healing.  Sometimes it is symptom that finds relief, and that is sometimes enough.  In fact, sometimes relieving symptom is the most important achievement for the moment.  Ultimately, I  believe that healing is the highest goal for the therapist to assist in achieving, and which is the desire of the each person seeking help.  And healing is the condition met when we realize the essence of who we really are as conscious, soulful, human beings capable of transcending our difficulties.

I invite you to join me and hopefully others,  in a healthy, ongoing dialogue here, where we can share our thoughts and stimulate a conversation that leads to some insights and promotes psychological and spiritual healing.

I may not be able to enter into each conversation, but when I am able may make some comments or encouragements.  I will be providing some topics for conversation or information and I hope you all enjoy and will feel free to participate.

Thank you all for stopping by.  Let’s talk.

— Kevin M. Ross, M.S., LMFT

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